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About Us

Penbro is a small select kennel specializing in the breeding of black miniature schnauzers.

Penbro originally bred and successfully showed giant schnauzers for twenty years. Then one day in 1996 Jazzy arrived in our home. A beautiful, eight week old, black miniature schnauzer puppy. Jazzy was a gift for my daughter, who at the ripe old age of seven, decided she wanted to show a dog and a black miniature schnauzers seemed the natural choice to accompany our black giants schnauzers.

That was the start of our love affair with these incredible little dogs who are fun, loyal, affectionate and trainable. Penbro miniature schnauzers had evolved.

We hope you enjoy looking at our site, any enquiries you may have I will find a pleasure to answer, just feel free to contact us.
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